A New Post Looks at How Major Brands are Leveraging Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies

There are more ways to market any product or service than ever before, and that can be both a blessing and a curse. Failing to make the most of each available marketing channel can put a business behind, as can coming up short with regard to enabling a truly seamless cross-channel experience.

As this post here makes clear, however, there are also some effective ways of marketing so as to best leverage the strengths of each and every opportunity and outlet. In fact, some of the most successful and prominent companies of all have become leaders in the field of omni-channel marketing.

International Scale Businesses That Market Personally and Effectively to Individuals

The average person now spends hours each day interacting with a smartphone, and most will also engage with many other forms of media. As a result, companies now have far more ways than before to market and make contact with those who are either their customers or could become them.

As the article linked earlier makes clear, some of the most recognizable brands of all have done an excellent job of using every marketing channel available to them. Two of those that have been most impressive in this respect and how they accomplished it include:

  • Bank of America. Mobile banking has become the default option for many, and that is good news for banks that provide a high level of service. At the same time, it is always better to be able to transfer conversations and lessons learned from mobile devices to wherever else they might be helpful. Bank of America has done so by allowing activities originating on its mobile app to inform in-person trips to branches.
  • Disney. Millions of people visit Disney theme parks worldwide every year, and they can count on their experiences carrying over into other aspects of life. Disney turns theme park experiences into connections that make later marketing efforts resonate more deeply.

A Better Way to Market

Companies like these and others are busy proving how a well integrated, cross-channel marketing strategy can pay off. Marketing so as to bring many different channels together into a cohesive whole makes for more impressive results in almost every case.

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