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Ways in Which Religion and Technology has Changed Worship World

The current population has about eighty percent believing in religion and half of it has aces to the internet. Therefore, there has been a match between religion and technology. The internet to some levels have initiated the access of people to the word of God and spread the religion. Therefore a topic of discussion has been raised concerning technology and religion. How religion has been spread has been influenced to some level by technology. This article will then explain to you the relationship between technology and religion to deeper levels, and you need to click in this link for more.

There are some activities that are currently happening and these are talked about in the scriptures. For instance, some of the activities that happen these days like war and false prophets are examples of the end times according to scripture. Therefore, you will find that the two hours provided on Sundays during the service will not be enough to preach to the congregation. When you did not understand the things explained in church, you can go on to visit the church’s website where you will find them post a video stream of the mass. You will then find the churches that have established their online presence post the video streams as soon as the services are finished. Due to this, you can say that the internet has been used to enhance the understanding of the scripture.

The internet will also be a good source of the scriptures when you can’t make it to the church. You can still stream the live performance at the church, even when you are at home. You can find it going to the church a challenging task, because if the old age that catches up with you. Taking care of a sick is also another challenge that can make you go to church during the Sabbath. You shouldn’t despair and think that you are growing far from God. Through the church’s website, you can have a live stream of the mass. There are some churches that will use social media platforms like YouTube to stream live performance at the church.

With technology, churches have found it easier to make funding. Before, churches used to depend solely on the funds that the visiting congregation offer. This was so little that it couldn’t support the church services and even maintain the congregation. The technology has enabled the churches to create recurrent gifts, where they will receive donations and payment processors like PayPal won’t charge them even a fee.

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