How Cane Bay Partners Helped Out After Two Hurricanes Struck the Virgin Islands

Cane Bay Partners is not just an international financial services consulting company, it is also an engaged member of the United States Virgin Islands community. When two devastating hurricanes struck the Virgin Islands in the fall of 2017, Cane Bay was there to help. After establishing a new nonprofit named “Cane Bay Cares,” the firm’s partners and employees got to work providing much-needed aid. That ended up making a definite, positive difference for many thousands whose lives were impacted by the storms.

Stepping Up to Help in a Time of Particular Need

Although the U.S. Virgin Islands are home to quite a few successful, impressive companies, they are not necessarily wealthy. Quite a few residents, in fact, struggle even during the best of times to stay afloat financially, a situation that has been the norm for many decades.

When a severe tropical storm strikes the islands, the problems that follow frequently end up being even more serious than for those living in other places. Vulnerable even when conditions are favorable, many in the U.S. Virgin Islands find it particularly difficult to protect themselves and recover from storms.

When two major hurricanes hit the Virgin Islands in quick succession, the devastation was predictably profound. Many thousands of people on different islands were left needing immediate, significant assistance. Cane Bay Cares got right to work raising funds and arranging for the provision of supplies like:

  • Generators. The electrical grid in the U.S. Virgin Islands is not always reliable even under normal circumstances. After a serious storm, it can take months for power to be restored even to important facilities like hospitals. Providing generators to three dozen groups in the islands proved to be one of Cane Bay Cares’ most important moves of all.
  • Water. Water supplies everywhere commonly become contaminated after severe storms sweep through. Cane Bay Cares supplied thousands of Virgin Islands residents with the safe, potable water they needed to survive.

A Continuing Commitment to the Community

Looking beyond past efforts like these, Cane Bay Cares is equipped to help even more in the future. That will undoubtedly benefit many in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a place where support is often welcome but sometimes difficult to come by.

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