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Important Reasons to Buy Lithium Ion Batteries

Technology has brought with it a lot of things that we have benefited from in tremendous ways, among them being lithium ion batteries that are becoming the chief source among consumers today. The big buzz in the lithium-ion technology is not for nothing because these batteries are providing certain benefits that lead-acid batteries cannot. Buying lithium-ion battery is one of the smartest investments you will make and you will enjoy return on investment for a long time. Continue reading to learn to learn the amazing advantages of buying lithium-ion battery.

The first reason to switch from lead-acid to lithium-ion battery is their low maintenance; when you buy a lithium-ion battery, you say goodbye to the problems of monitoring water level in the battery or teaching new members how to do to ensure it is working efficiently. Even though lithium-ion battery still require proper recycling, they are more friendly to the environment compared to the other types of batteries like lead-acid which contain cadmium, lead and mercury whose prolonged exposure is very harmful to the environment.

You should choose lithium-ion battery because they offer flexible installation and portability due to their lightweight while you also get more energy than a lead-acid battery could give. Unlike a lead-acid battery that only lasts two years, if you buy a lithium-ion battery you are assured of up to five years of service while you still enjoy up to eighty percent energy of their rated capacity. Besides that, one time purchase guarantees you durability if you choose to invest in a lithium-ion battery instead of a lead-acid one.

Another benefit of lithium-ion batteries is their charging speed; this battery can charge at high rate providing versatility for all the types of applications you will be using for, meaning your machines will incur very minimal downtime resulting in increased productivity. If you have different devices around your property that need different power sources, you will benefit from the wide variety of lithium-ion batteries that enable you to choose the one that best suits them.

If you are worried about the efficiency of the battery you are using, perhaps it is time you consider switching to lithium-ion batteries that are better at holding charge and incur very minimal wastage. Finally, buying lithium-ion batteries is a good idea because they have low self-discharge rate; a lithium-ion battery only incurs a five percent self-discharge rate immediately it is charges, putting it above other types of batteries that incur up to twelve percent. These are the amazing advantages of choosing lithium-ion battery over the others like lead-acid batteries.

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