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How The Body Responds To Stress

As human we are faced by various challenges in life that make us become stressed. Stress is adverse body reaction to the changes in life. Stress tell us that we should do something to the changes. If stress is left unattended it makes people hopeless and cynical all the time. It can also be the cause of some of the diseases that people are struggling with these days. Therefore there is need to be aware of the warning signs of stress and things to do to remedy it.

The human body takes stress in various ways. The heart responds to stress by pumping the blood at a higher rate. When something scares us the flight response is triggered so that it can ready to handle the stress. People that go through a lot of anxiety for a long time can lead to hypertension. The second sign that show one is stressed is muscle pain. During stress the body is usually anxious that make the muscles to react by aching. If this tension continuous one may experience muscle pain in various parts of the body including headache. The third warning signs that show that you are stressed is getting agitated over minor issues. When people are stressed they are likely to react to people over nothing. During these times we lose a lot on friends because they are unable to bear with our mood. The fourth aspect that can show that someone is stressed is lack of sleep at night. It is not advisable to go to bed while contemplating on stressful issue this makes people to lack sleep.

Stress also makes people have no interest in making love. People that have been anxious for a long time have low libido. People that do not sort these issues are likely to suffer from chronic stress are likely to decrease their chances of reproducing. The sixth reason that shows that one is anxious is having issues with their stomach. Stress stimulates the production of acid that is known to burn the walls of the stomach which can lead to peptic ulcers. The seventh sign of stress and the worst is depression. If the body experiences a lot of tension that causes the body to feel worn out and hopeless. Some people choose to misuse drugs to try and evade the stress. Being anxious weakens the body making it at risk of various health problems.

Stress is inevitable; we have to to learn to handle uncomfortable situations. There are many things that help one to become less anxious. Getting body therapy is among the things that can help one to relax hence people should have massage membership card. Another incredible method of getting rid of stress impact is by going out and living the familiar environments. Finding something to do to engage ourselves is an excellent way of soliciting the impact of stress.

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