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Rights and Responsibilities of An Unwed Parent

It is important to note that there are 19.7 million kids that do not live with their fathers. As much as there is the existence of the deadbeat dad’ stereotype, there are those who would love it best if they were with their children and see them grow. It is undeniable that there are parents that are struggling to prove paternity while there are those that do not know that their children exist. It could be because of the non-compliant mothers that are around. The following fathers’ rights are which one needs to be aware of to ease the struggle of them getting custody of their children.

If one suspects that the kid in question is his, then it is vital that the paternity is first established. This will prove that one is the father of the kid and he has a legal obligation to be and take care of him or her. For an individual to prove paternity, then it is significant that a DNA test is done. A point to note about conducting the test is that it could be one’s choice or that it is needed by the court. An important aspect that one needs to be aware of is that even with the rights that they have to the child, they also have responsibilities that they need to uphold.

It would, therefore, be crucial that an individual sign a recognition of percentage. The persons that need to sign the document are a mother and father who have not wedded. A merit that is associated with the recognition of percentage document is that going to court will then not be a necessity. This is because the name of the father will appear in the birth certificate and thus means that he has legal responsibilities to the child that he needs to uphold.

In conclusion, an individual need to be aware that as much as the recognition of percentage allows them not to got to court, it has no ruling on the custodial rights of the child. There is, therefore, the necessity for both parents to go to court for paternity adjudication. The court then decides on the custody, child support, medical support as well as the legal name of the child. It is advisable for a father to consider hiring a lawyer. This is in case; the other party does not comply with the demands of the court. Even though a lawyer is provided by the court, it is important for an individual to consider hiring the best lawyer from the internet. When choosing a lawyer, then an individual need to make sure that he or she has a specialization with the unmarried fathers’ rights. There is so much need for fathers’ to know their rights.

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