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Information on Being Given the Key to the City
Do you want to find out more about why a city decides to give its keys to some people? Well if you want to know more about you can read on further because this article is about that.
First let us discuss more about the history of such tradition of giving keys to the cities. Most of the cities that you can find in the olden times have large walls that surround them as their protection. It is believed that these walls help to make the citizens of such cities safe and well secured. The walls prevented the barbarians from simply attacking cities and prevented people who have contagious illnesses to enter the city as well. But there are people who can come and go as they please in the city. Having a key to the city allowed persons during this time to be able to come and go as they please in the city. The people who received such keys include the military, visiting officials and the free man. The free man is one that is not bound by slavery. The slaves who are not free do not have such keys because they are yoked to their masters.
In today’s modern world, such kind of walls are not valuable anymore and do not serve as typical protection to those who are living there. But even if that is the case the tradition of giving city keys still lives on. But does this key convey any power or privilege to the one that is being given it now like what it used to do? Well today if one is given key to the city that means that person is being honored for something the person has done or the fame that person has achieved. That is why if you research more about those persons who are given keys to the cities you will find that many of them are celebrities. There are many of them who have received keys to the towns of their childhood where they were born and where they grew up.
Aside from celebrities there are other people who receive keys and they are special dignitaries or people who have done something great. An example of the latter would be a pilot who was able to land safely the plane he was flying even there was an obstacle encountered. As a result of his great flying skills all the people aboard did not die from a crash landing. And actually the flight attendants were also handed the city keys.
However if you learn more about it giving the key to the city now is more of a PR stint. It is not uncommon to find town mayors who use so that their town would gain popularity.

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